Announcing Kotal Pro

Announcing Kotal Pro

Kotal Pro is a self-hosted cloud-native application that will transform your cloud infrastructure into a powerful Blockchain Node as a Service that supports +10 Blockchain protocols, Staking as a Service without commission and API gateway without rate-limiting.

Kotal Pro ships with powerful features that extend the capabilities of Kotal opensource with user management, workspace management, TLS-secured API endpoints, and Role-based access control (RBAC).

Kotal Pro is cloud-agnostic. It can be hosted in any cloud that supports Kubernetes. It has been extensively tested on DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services.

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💎 Node Deployments

Kotal Pro provides a very simple UI that you can use to deploy Blockchain nodes, upgrade/downgrade node software (client) version, enable and disable API servers, load validator keys, and manage resources like CPU, Memory and Storage across +10 protocols.

Kusama node deployment sync Blockchain and connecting to 40 peers.

🔗 API Endpoints

Endpoints are TLS-secure routes to Blockchain node deployments that can be used by Blockchain developers to query Blockchain data or call smart contracts.

Kotal pro handles TLS certificate issuance and renewal for you for your endpoint custom domain.

Endpoint to a deployed Ethereum node with JSON-RPC and WebSocket servers enabled.

👩‍💻 Secret management

Kotal Pro stores secrets (private keys, passwords ... etc) in a secure location, and allow its reuse across deployments.

Secrets for different protocols can be created and reused across deployments.

‍🏝️ Workspaces

Kotal Pro organizes node deployments, API endpoints, and secrets into workspaces (powered by Kubernetes namespaces). Users can invite other users to workspaces and assign them a role. For example, You can invite other developers to deploy nodes and create API endpoints but without the ability to reveal secrets.

Default workspace users with different roles.

Get Started and get 1 month for free.